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Kaneka XMAP is a new reactive liquid acrylic polymer developed by Kaneka.
Feature of Structure
  • Low Polydispersity : PDI=1.1-1.6
  • Variety of Molecular Weights : Mn=5,000-40,000
  • High End-Functionality
  • Variety of the Main Chain : Homopolymers and Copolymers of various acrylates
Featured Properties
  • Type S: One or Two Component(s) Curing at room temperature
  • Type C: Radical, Capable of UV or EB Curing
  • Type C: Macromonomer available
  • Weathering Resistance comparable to silicone sealant
  • Heat Resistance to 300F
  • Liquid Polymer State at room temperature(non-solvent)
  • Non-staining Characteristics (no volatile silicones)
  • Paintable with Water-based Paints
  • Oil Resistant
Examples of Projected Applications
Weather Resistant Sealants, Heat Resistant Sealants, Glazing Sealants for TiO2 Coated Glasses, Oil Resistant Gaskets (FIPG), Elastic Adhesives, Liquid Injection Molding (LIM), Coatings, Oil Resistant Linings, Potting Compounds, Flexible Foam, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives(PSA) etc.

Typical Grades
Functional group X: dimethoxymethylsily group
Curing mechanism: moisture
Grade Viscosity
(cps x103 at 73F)
Main Applications
SA100S 250 Standard grade
SA110S 500 Higher Mw of SA100S
SA310S 160 Compatible to MS Polymer
OR100S 700 Oil resistant sealant/gasket

Functional group X: acryloyl group
Curing mechanism: radical by means of UV, EB and heat
Grade Viscosity
(cps x103 at 73F)
Main Applications
RC100C 230 Standard grade
RC200C 470 Oil resistant sealant/gasket
MM110C 48 Macromonomer


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