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Sprinkler Piping:
This piping is used in indoor fire fighting. CPVC pipes possess good flame retardance, providing the ability to better prevent deflection by heat. Compared with metallic pipes, CPVC pipes rarely cause nozzle blocking due to the effects of corrosion or rusting.

Industrial Heat Resistant Pipes:
Used at various chemical factories and plants, CPVC pipes possess good chemical resistance, and offer better heat resistance, compared with PVC pipes.

CTS Piping:
CPVC pipes are used for indoor hot-water supply and discharge in place of metallic pipes such as copper, because of an inherent resistance to rusting which has been known to block pipes.

Covering for outdoor air-conditioning piping:
CPVC is used for covering outdoor piping and cabling, especially for dark colors which need heat resistance due to there tendency to absorb solar heat. Kaneka CPVC is recommended for such an application in place of ordinary PVC.

Drainage Joints:
Kaneka CPVC can be selected, owing to its chemical and heat resistance, to make drainage joints for easy connection, and separations to handle hot-water drainage.

Joints of power cables:
Kaneka CPVC can be selected, owing to its heat resistance, to make power-cable joint boxes where partial heat generation is known to occur.

Heat registrant plates and sheets:
CPVC is used in the construction of productions facilities and as parts of semi-conductor circuit boards, especially for those parts where both chemical and heat resistance are required, such as cleaning baths.

Transparent fittings:
Making transparent joints form Kaneka CPVC is possible by applying modified recipes. Due to the transparency, the application of adhesive during joining can be easily confirmed, and visible inspection of the joint after installation is also possible.

Pipe profiles:
Pipe profiles involving metallic parts are used at the branching section of hot-water supplying pipes. Kaneka CPVC is used for the application, by integrally injection molding for easy installation.

Transparent heat-resistant industrial plates:
Making transparent plates from Kaneka CPVC is possible by applying modified recipes. Due to the transparency, the liquid level of a storage tank can be easily confirmed, and the confirmation of inner conditions of the equipment during manufacturing is also possible.

Hot water supply and discharge pipes:
Heat resistant pipes made of Kaneka CPVC are used mainly for hot-water supply and discharge pipes in Japan. These pipes are used at hot springs and chemical plants where both heat resistance and chemical resistance are required.

Heat-resisting industrial flanges:
Kaneka CPVC can be molded, by large-size injection molding equipment to make parts of heat-resistant industrial piping. These pipes are then connected at the flange.

Kaneka CPVC is used for heat-resistant joints and valves, and can be engineered into a variety of designs to meet multiple applications.


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