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Featured Application: CERN, LHC, Colliding Protons and APICALĀ® Films

Apical Division - Kaneka Texas Corporation has improved upon traditional Polyimide Film to provide a product and service that are unequaled. In fact, it may surprise you to find out how many industries consistently rely upon the extraordinary properties of APICAL Polyimide as an integral part of their product design. These industries include flexible printed circuits, wire and cable, motors, generators and transformers, pressure sensitive tape, and specialty fabricated products.

The APICAL World section of our Web site offers a glimpse at some of the industries and applications that are using APICAL Polyimide Film as their preferred choice.

Aircraft & Aerospace
APICAL Polyimide Film is used as the material of choice in wire and cable insulation in commercial and military aircraft, space vehicles, satellites, and missiles. FEP- or PTFE -- coated or laminated, narrow-width APICAL Polyimide tapes produce insulation that offers superior heat-sealability, and improved abrasion and cut-through resistance, combined with excellent dielectric and thermal properties.

Flexible Printed Circuitry
Flexible printed circuits are found in everything from automobiles, VCR's camcorders, portable phones, and SLR cameras to sophisticated military and avionics systems. Something as common as a notebook computer wouldn't be possible without flexible printed circuit technology that allows hundreds of tiny components to be electronically connected in a three dimensional array.

Motors & Generators
A typical locomotive traction motor when stalled can reach a temperature of 400 to 500C in just a short period of time. High performance motors, generators and transformers are often integrated into systems that must operate under extremely harsh conditions. Yet used within these devices, APICAL Polyimide Film easily endures this heat without loss of mechanical or dielectric strength.

Mining and Drilling
In the petroleum industry, submersible down-hole pumps and cables must operate at depths of 20,000 feet, in environments filled with superheated brine, hydrogen sulfide, and petrochemicals, as well as in the arctic cold of the Alaskan oil fields. It's a hostile world with no room for downtime. And it's where APICAL Polyimide delivers space saving smaller cable cross-sections and unprecedented reliability.

Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Pressure sensitive tape is yet another major application for APICAL Polyimide Film. These tapes usually employ one or two mils thick APICAL Polyimide and use different types of adhesive depending upon the application. In the electronics industry, where about half of all the pressure sensitive tape is used, APICAL Polyimide provides the perfect masking needed to protect plated leads on printed circuit boards during wave soldering where temperatures can reach 750C. APICAL Polyimide is also used in electrical applications for wrapping armature coils and as a splicing or overwrap tape in insulating applicationS.

Specialty Fabricated Products
APICAL Polyimide Film is used in a wide range of unusual applications due to its unique high and low operating temperature capability. These applications include: bar code labels, speaker coils, spiral wrapped tubing, gaskets and diaphragms, aircraft shim stock, space blankets, nuclear linear accelerator insulation, carrier and transport belts, and sensors. There is no end to the new applications that are found every day for this exceptional high performance polymer Film!


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