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APICAL Polyimide Technical Data

APICAL® Polyimide Film possesses an excellent balance of physical , thermal, electrical, and chemical properties over a wide range of temperature (-270°C [-452°F] to +400°C [+752°F]). More precise thickness control, superior web flatness, plus improved adhesion and excellent dimensional stability are standard features with APICAL Polyimide Films.

Applications for APICAL Polyimide Film include flexible printed circuits, tape automated bonding, motor generator insulation, wire and cable insulation, bar code label and pressure sensitive tape. APICAL Polyimide is produced by the poly-condensation reaction between an aromatic dianhydride and an aromatic diamine.

APICAL Polyimide Films are certified to meet the requirements of military specification MIL-P-46112B (MR), for all types, IPC specification IPC-FC-231/1, for AV type and NP type. Written certification is available upon request.

APICAL Type AF Technical Data (complete info)
APICAL Polyimide Film Type AF is FEP fluoropolymer resin-coated polyimide Film developed for high temperature applications where heat sealability or improved moisture and chemical resistance are required. APICAL Polyimide AF is available in a variety of grades.

APICAL Type AV Technical Data (complete info)
APICAL Polyimide Film Type AV has been successfully used in applications where a wide operating temperature range combined with excellent physical, electrical, and chemical properties is required.

APICAL Type NP Technical Data (complete info)
APICAL Polyimide Film Type NP is developed using state-of-the-art technology designed specifically for applications where superior dimensional stability is essential. The superior dimensional stability characteristics of APICAL Polyimide NP make it particularly well suited for use in flexible printed circuitry and tape automated bonding applications. This product was designed to match the coefficient of thermal expansion of copper.

A Comparison of Technical Data
A comparison of APICAL polyimide Film and a competing polyimide Film product -- DU PONT Kapton® Type VN Film.
Kapton® is a registered trademark of DU PONT.

Technical Data Sheets for APICAL AV, & NP (PDF Format)
PDF file containing the Technical Data Sheets for the following Apical products: APICAL Type NP, and APICAL Type AV.

Technical Data Sheets for APICAL AF (PDF Format)
PDF file containing the Technical Data Sheets for APICAL AF.

UL Data Sheets (HTML) - UL Files - APICAL AV, NP, & AF


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