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Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Pressure sensitive tape is yet another major application for APICAL Polyimide Film. These tapes usually employ one or two mils thick APICAL Polyimide and use different types of adhesive depending upon the application. In the electronics industry, where about half of all the pressure sensitive tape is used, APICAL Polyimide provides the perfect masking needed to protect plated leads on printed circuit boards during wave soldering where temperatures can reach 750°C. APICAL Polyimide is also used in electrical applications for wrapping armature coils and as a splicing or over wrap tape in insulating applications.

APICAL Polyimide can be coated with a wide range of silicone (180°C operating temperature) or acrylic (150°C operating temperature) adhesives.

Superior dimensional stability, high tear and abrasion resistance, excellent adherability to adhesives, high dielectric strength, and superior long-term heat aging are all properties that make APICAL Polyimide the polyimide Film of choice for PST applications.


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