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APICAL's Quality Is a Priority

Industries who depend upon APICAL Polyimide Film benefit not only from a carefully designed product, but from the process behind it as well. Unlike many Film manufacturers, APICAL Polyimide process technology is driven by quality, not speed. APICAL Polyimide is also certified to ISO 9002 requirements.

Cleanliness isn't just another requirement when producing APICAL Polyimide Film, it's an absolute priority. The process is enclosed in a Class 10,000 clean room and any person entering this production area must first suit up with protective clothing and enter an air shower to ensure that no possible contamination enters the area.

It's here that the precisely controlled pre-polymer is delivered to the casting line in a class 1,000 area, and is evenly cast onto a stainless steel surface.

The resulting Polyimide Film is monitored through automatic gauge control and 100% inspected with laser defect detection equipment. Depending upon customer requirements, APICAL Polyimide may then be slit into smaller widths prior to packaging.

Because the Polyimide Film is cast and thermally cured slowly and precisely, there's more time for it to harden evenly with less residual stress than other Polyimide Films. As a result, more uniform Film thickness and across-the-web property uniformity provide the user with a superior Polyimide Film.

"Several years ago, this type of Film was in tight supply, we were single-sourced, we were having problems getting deliveries from our supplier, [Kaneka] came through for us with delivery of material to satisfy customer needs. We also considered the type of company [Apical Division - KTC] was because we needed new products and in a quickly moving technological area such as Flex Circuits, the development of new products is very important."
- an Apical Division - KTC Customer

APICAL Polyimide Films are certified to meet the requirements of military specifications MIL-P-46112B (MR), for all types, IPC specification IPC-FC-231/1, for AV type and NP type Film. Written certification is available with delivery upon request


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