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APICAL's High Performance

In spite of being lighter in weight than many of the materials it has replaced, the overall performance of APICAL Polyimide surpasses them. The primary Film properties that make APICAL Polyimide the material of choice in high tech applications include:

  • No melt point or glass transition temperature.

  • Will not sustain or propagate flame.

  • Can be used in applications from -270°C to 400°C while still maintaining mechanical and electrical integrity.

  • Excellent mechanical properties, high abrasion and cut-through resistance.

  • Excellent chemical resistance to most organic solvents, acids, lubricants, and hydrocarbons.

  • Excellent electrical properties.

  • Superb thermal dimensional stability to 400°C.

  • Good adhesion to a wide array of adhesive systems.

  • High radiation resistance.

  • Excellent flexural durability.
"After our initial decision to select APICAL Polyimide , we immediately brought in some production samples to determine its ability to meet our production standards. We found lot-to-lot consistency to be outstanding. Not really believing the data, we immediately brought in some APICAL Polyimide for production runs to determine whether or not what we found in the testing cycle was indeed present in their regular run. We found the consistency lot-to-lot, box-to-box, to be outstanding and therefore, we have never been happier."
- an Apical Division - KTC Customer


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