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Motors & Generators

A typical locomotive traction motor when stalled can reach a temperature of 400°C to 500°C in just a short period of time. High performance motors, generators and transformers are often integrated into systems that must operate under extremely harsh conditions. Yet used within these devices, APICAL Polyimide easily endures this heat without loss of mechanical or dielectric strength.

Where mica or glass were once the only material available, APICAL Polyimide can be wrapped thinner and tighter in motor windings allowing thicker, higher current carrying conductors to be used. You'll also find APICAL Polyimide in aircraft engines, mining equipment and in the utility and petroleum industries. Typical applications include armature coil insulation, rotor and stator slot liner insulation and magnet and thermocouple wire insulation.

The critical properties of APICAL Polyimide that make it ideal as a motor and generator insulation include its broad temperature cycling range (-270°C to 400°C), it's superior dielectric properties (dielectric strength of 7,800v/mil), its outstanding mechanical durability, coupled with its high thermal index (240°C-Electrical) and good chemical resistance.


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