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APICAL Polyimide film is used as the material of choice in wire and cable insulation in commercial and military aircraft, space vehicles, satellites, and missiles. FEP- or PTFE -- coated or laminated, narrow-width APICAL Polyimide tapes produce insulation that offers superior heat-sealability, and improved abrasion and cut-through resistance, combined with excellent dielectric and thermal properties.

Particularly important to commercial aircraft manufacturers is the virtually smokeless characteristics of APICAL Polyimide when exposed to flame -- it is UL -94VO rated. APICAL Polyimide is also certified to meet all requirements of military specifications MIL-P-46112B and MIL-W-81381. It has a UL Thermal Index for continuous operation of 200°C-240°C, but still retains most of its electrical integrity when exposed for brief periods to temperature as high as 400°C.

The lightweight, mechanical toughness and extraordinary thermal cycling range of APICAL Polyimide help ensure dependable electrical and electronic operation from take-off to landing. That makes APICAL Polyimide -- the best polyimide film -- the right choice for aircraft and aerospace.


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