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No one in business needs to be convinced that competing in the market place today isn't easy. Staying on the cutting edge means not only keeping up with rapidly changing technology; it means going the extra mile for customers far beyond what they've come to expect.

But being the best in any industry also requires utilizing manufacturers who share this philosophy and have followed it to create their own world class products. In the Polyimide film industry, one company has built its success through this kind of caring, offering a superior product backed by a level of service previously unheard of in the Polyimide film market.

In the mid 1980's, Allied Signal recognized the capabilities of a new super high performance Polyimide film product called APICAL, developed by the Kaneka Corporation of Japan. Joining together, these two highly respected companies formed Allied-APICAL, which would ultimately become Apical Division - Kaneka Texas Corporation, a bold and refreshing new presence in the U.S. Polyimide film industry.

Now, for the first time, a market once dominated by a single supplier has become competitive, and a company committed to service is responding to its needs. In this market, APICAL Polyimide film has become the preferred choice of those whose own high standards demand it.

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APICAL Polyimide Film Is the Right Choice.

We understand the critical nature of the products that rely upon our materials. We've established the highest standards for the manufacturing of our APICAL Polyimide Film -- nothing less is acceptable.

APICAL Polyimide Films offer superior technical qualities and performance characteristics. From order processing through manufacturing, packaging, and customer and technical service, the exceptional care that goes in to APICAL Polyimide film products is put there by people who believe in what they make and stand behind it with a guarantee of satisfaction.

Industries who depend upon APICAL Polyimide film benefit not only from a carefully designed product, but from the process behind it as well. Unlike many film manufacturers, APICAL Polyimide process technology is driven by quality not speed.

In spite of being lighter in weight than many of the materials it has replaced, the overall performance of APICAL Polyimide surpasses them. Its high degree of dimensional stability allows it to be wrapped tightly for applications where space is a premium. It is tough, highly resistant to tearing, abrasion and puncture.

Technical Data
APICAL Polyimide Films possess an excellent balance of physical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties over a wide range of temperatures for flexible printed circuits, tape automated bonding, motor generator insulation, wire and cable insulation, pressure sensitive tape and other uses.

Ask The Engineers
Here's your chance to ask Kaneka Engineers questions about APICAL Polyimide film and its applications. Use it as an open exchange of ideas and questions about polyimide applications, challenges, and innovations.


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